Check Nightly Backup

Type wrkjobscde qe* on the command line and then press enter

Put in an 8 by the job (look at the time column to make sure you’re choosing the correct one.) Choose the day of the backup that was supposed to have happened last. Ex. I’m making this document on a Tues. so I’m choosing the backup for Mon.


Now on the command line you need to type a 4 in order to work with spooled files.


Now put a 5 by the spooled file QEZJOBLOG and press enter.


At the top of the page you will see a line by “Control” and a line by “Find”

On the “Control “ line you need to type a B

This will take you to the bottom of the file.

Now you can start to page up looking for errors.


If you see a message that says:


That means that backup is incomplete and you need to investigate further.

Keep paging up to see if the errors are in the save of the IFS (domino server) if you receive a message CPC370C xx,xxx objects saved, then the domino server saved successfully. If not, call the helpdesk. If the backup was incomplete, but the domino objects were backed up, then a library was not saved.

Type a T on the “Control” line and press enter in order to go back to the top of the spooled file.


On the “Find” line you need to type NOT SAVED

And press F16 (Shift and F4)

Look for message CPF3741, object xxx in lib yyy not saved.

There is usually a message right above that message, CPF32B3, cannot allocate object - in the details of this message it explains who was on the system and had a lock on that object so that it could not be saved.