How to update Remaining Balance Dollars in Budget with Details Spreadsheet

This document is an example of Remaining Balance column amounts do not match the Year to Date Transaction amount.


Remaining Balance column amounts did not match the Year to Date Transaction amounts for Fund 5 with Object 392.


The Transaction Amount column totals are correct. The Budget with Details spreadsheet pulls the Remaining Balance from a field titled Trans Current Balance from the AS400.


One example we used is on the righthand side of the document:


The $4,649.70 Balance is the amount before the last line of entry of $1.40. Total of $4,651.40 from line item details shows in the Transaction column.

Budget 070112

Line Item Details


For this one example, there was a transactions on June 30th of $1.40 that did not post to the general ledger balance - you can see that the balance on the master file is $4,649.70 but Line Item Details shows $4,651.10. 

Here is what Sartox would suggest when this problem occurs:

Run a procedure to reset the account code master balances to the correct amount.  This is done from Sartox under the Systems Manager Menu - an option called Account Master Reset. Sartox said to run this in update mode.  All Sartox users must be off the system when this is run.  It shouldn't take long to run.    This should correct the immediate problem with the transactions that have already been processed to update the Trans Current Balance to the correct amount of $4,651.40.

Running this procedure will update all Trans Current Balance so this will correct your problem. Let us know if you have questions.