Procedures to Repeat All Item Labels in the Pivot Table - Office 2010 & 2013

(these functions are not available in 2003 or 2007)

The Pivot Table View can be customized by utilizing the Pivot Table Tools on the menu.

How to add Pivot Table Tools on your menu view

  1. Click inside your Pivot Table view to display the PivotTable Tools on your menu bar

  1. PivotTable Tools has two selections - Options tab and Design tab.

  1. Options tab displays a toolbar with multiple "options" to view your pivot table information. i.e. Pivot Charts

  1. Design tab displays a toolbar with multiple ways to view data within the pivot table. 

Design tab also displays different Pivot Table Styles you can use.


Note - this is available in 2010 & 2013 only. 

Options tab view

Design tab view

How to repeat item labels in your Pivot Table

  1. Item labels are displayed in the summary rows - not in details row.

Example: ACTBUS is the Item Summary Label and all names within ACTBUS show totals.

  1. To repeat the column heading in all detail rows  - double-click on heading (Full Name for this example) to display the Field Settings box.

  1. Select Layout & Print tab

  1. Click on Repeat Item Labels

Full Name is displayed on each row after selecting Repeat Item Labels.


How to repeat ALL item labels in your Pivot Table

Use the following method if you want to Repeat ALL Item Labels.

  1. Click on Design tab under Pivot Table Tools
  2. Click on the Report Layout filter
  3. Select Repeat All Item Labels from the drop down menu.
  4. Your view will repeat headings and rows for your pivot table.                                                        See example below