How to add in a count of PEOPLE…Example – Annual Leave count:

Open the Payroll Assignment Spreadsheet

Refresh with all codes – active Assignments

Set your pivot table so that the Full Name is listed. Pull down the Annual Leave column to the left.

. To see a list of all employees with an Annual Leave of Y, filter on the Annual Leave column and select “Y”

Right Click and select “Show PivotTable Toolbar”

Make sure your cursor is in the pivot table and then click on the “PivotTable” drop down arrow on the pivot table toolbar and select Formulas and then Calculated Field

Title your field as “People Count” and make the formula


Click OK

Note – in order for the People Count to be correct, you need have the FullName as the only field on the pivot table (for example, you can’t add in full account code or job codes and get the correct count.

The People Count field will appear in the pivot table. Note however that the grand total is not computed.  This is unfortunately the way excel works.  We can however create a running count