Using the CCI Payroll Verification Spreadsheet

Open the Payroll Verification Spreadsheet

Enter the date of the PREVIOUS payroll run that you would like to compare the current QDE with.

Click on the Refresh Data button

For each person listed, you will be able to see if the current information in the QDE is the same as the last pay run or if it is different in some way (Beg Gross, Net Amts or Ded Amounts).

For example, if the Gross Amounts are different from the previous run, it will show as a “Difference”.

If the amounts are the same as the previous pay run in all areas (Beg Gross, Net Amt and Deductions) then the line will show as “Verified”

To review the entries that have a difference, click on the line that you would like to review.

Click on the View Comparison button

This will provide you with the details from the current pay run as well as the previous pay run with the differences highlighted in red. 

Notice that you have a “Verified” and a “Follow-up” button.  When you review the detailed information, you can mark this line using either button.  The Verified button will mark the line as “Verified” and it will show in yellow along with the originally verified lines.  The Follow-up button can be used to mark a line where you need to do additional investigation.

Note that you can also filter on the Verified? Column. For example, to see all lines marked with a “Difference”, filter on “Difference” in the Verified? column