View Substitutes for each Teacher and Absence Type

Sub information is now available in the revised version of Absence History

Filter for a particular Teacher to view subs for that teacher.

· Utilize Pivot Table for an easy summarized view of Absence and Substitutes. 

Example below:  Clicked on Location & Name with Dates button.  Added Sub Name by dragging from top of list to the right of Absence Reason


The account code fields for substitutes are available on the pivot table, but are not visible. Right click anywhere in the pivot table and select Show Field List

Scroll down the Field List to locate the Sub information.

Drag Sub Information to the right of Sub Name.  Watch for the grey “T” before releasing the mouse.  If you drag it to the incorrect place, click on the Undo button and try again.

Example Below:  Drag Sub Full Acct Code to the right of Sub Name.  Notice the Sub Full Acct Code is in bold once you have added to the Pivot Table View.