How to see Bonus Leave 

Use the Absences Spreadsheets and select the option for “Selected Absence Reasons” on the settings tab. Adjust the dates to the appropriate date range.

The screen will refresh and you will see a list of your absence codes on the settings tab.

Scroll down to locate the code that your district is using for that particular year's Bonus Leave. Put a Y in the select column next to that code.

Click on the Refresh Button.

Once the sheet refreshes, the information for just this absence code will show in the spreadsheet. Note – to see totals by person, click on the Absence Pivot Table tab

To eliminate the totals shown for each person, double click on the Full Name heading on the pivot table.

Select None for the subtotals and click on OK.

If you don’t want a breakout by location, click on the Location heading in the pivot table and drag it up to the top area of the pivot table.