Using the Budget Summary and Board Report to obtain a report with 1 digit Object codes and descriptions

Refresh the Board Report

On the Budget Summary & Board Report tab, click on the button to format the report by Fund & Purpose

Select the format for the purpose code (you can select any of the options, depending on the level of detail that you need for the purpose codes.) In this example, I selected a 1-digit purpose code (i.e. 5XXX)

The report will look similar to this.

The fields for a 1-digit object and 1 digit object description are available on the pivot table, but are not visible.

Right click anywhere in the pivot table and select Show Field List.


Scroll down and locate the 1 digit Obj 

and drag it to the right of the 1 digit Purpose Description.  Watch for the grey “T” before releasing the mouse.  If you drag it to the incorrect place, click on the UnDo button and try again.

Drag the 1 digit Obj Desc to the right of the 1 digit Obj.

There will be an extra subtotal in the 1 digit Obj column. Right click on this column and select Field Settings

Set the Subtotals to None

Your report should look similar to this one.