How to create and compare multiple years of data

Budget Pivot Table – Compare Month to Date Expenses (MTD) for multiple years 

  1. Open Budget – refresh for previous year (Year 2 for this example)

  1. Create a column titled Year at the end of the Budget tab data.

  1. Click on first cell, type 2 (for year 2) and copy down to end of data by clicking on the right corner of the first cell.

  1. Open Excel Icon and select Open Budget from your spreadsheets folder.

  1. Refresh Budget with year 3.

  1. Highlight data and copy entire Budget-Year 3 information on Budget tab and paste at the bottom of the Budget-Year 2. (see hint below on copying information)

  1. Type 3 in the Year column where Year 3 data starts and copy down to end of data by clicking on the right corner of the first cell with 3 listed.

Highlight data. (Hint: click in first cell, hold Shift key down, press END and Right arrow key to highlight to the end of the first row. Repeat with Shift, END and down arrow key to highlight to bottom of spreadsheet..

Now you can click on your Budget Pivot Table tab and click on Refresh Data button to update the information in the Pivot Table with Year 3 data.

Right click in the pivot table and select “Show Field List”. Scroll to the bottom and you will see Year listed.

Left-click on Year and drag to the left of the first column in the Pivot Table area. This is Beginning Budget if you have not removed from the Pivot Table view.

In example below, I have removed all column headings except the Current Budget column.

Click on Select Month option and select the months you wish to compare. These will display at the end of the Pivot table

Drag all column headings off the spreadsheet except Current Budget column and MTD columns.


































Budget Pivot Table









The Year column created on the Budget tab is now available in the Field List





















If you want to total all MTD, create a column at the end of the pivot table and create a formula to add the MTDs.






To compare Year to Year budget and expense information without the months, remove all of the MTD columns, leaving only the Current Budget/Balance and the YTD Transactions.