Retrieving Specific Check Numbers in the Budget Spreadsheet

Open the Budget with Details spreadsheet

On the settings tab, select the Fiscal Year from the drop down. 

Select the Checks by Date Range AP Only

Enter your beginning and ending dates. Note that the dates must fall within the fiscal year selected above.

Click on the Refresh Data button.

Click on the Details tab at the bottom of your spreadsheet. This tab will contain all of the detailed information about the AP checks.

You can filter individually for check numbers using the drop down arrow for Check/Dep # column. 

NOTE: If you have Office 2007, you will be able to select MULTIPLE check numbers.

Alternatively, you can use the Advanced Filtering option to get a specific list of check numbers. To do this, click on the Advanced Filtering button.

Enter the list of checks. Note – there are gridlines showing here – but you can put as many check numbers as you need here.

Click on the button to say “Click to view advanced filtering results”

This will return you to the Details tab and the list will be filtered with just the check numbers that you provided.

To return to the full list of data in the Details tab, click on the Filters On/Off button.