First time logging into the support portal using the Firefox browser

When you click on the link in the email provided in your support ticket  a new window will pop up and it will say: “Untrusted Connection”

You should then click on “I understand the risks”

Then you will see another tab that says “Add Exception”…click it.

Another box will pop up and it says “Add Security Exception”.

Look at the bottom of the box to verify that the small box has a check mark in “Permanently store this exception”

Click on the button that says “Confirm Security Exception”…this will bring you to your sign in/sign up page of the portal!

You need to click on the “Sign up” tab

You will then be sent to a page that will ask for your Full Name and your Email. Once you have filled this information in you will click on “Register”

If you get the response "email is already in use" then click on the link “Reset my password” and you will get an email.