View Teachers that have used Substitutes for days absent

You can filter on Job ID column for Subs in the Payroll History spreadsheet


The most efficient method is to retrieve only the substitutes by selecting the Job Code Selection option on the Settings Tab.

The Job Code Selections automatically retrieves a listing of all Job Codes. 

Tip: Click on Custom Filter, select Contains and type SUB to view any Job ID with SUB.

Enter a Y beside each SUB code you wish to retrieve

Once you have filtered or retrieved only Sub Job Codes, click on the Show Job Title which shows date and name of teacher in which a substitute was utilized. (SARTOX only)


Use the custom filter or Text Filter on Office 2007/2010 on the Job Title column to view a teacher and the different subs utilized for that one teacher.

(Tip: Type last or first name in the contains custom filter section)

This will also give the Total amount spent for substitutes for one teacher.




· Pivot Table View for Teachers & Substitutes 

Select the Site/JobCode/Name Report format button on the Pivot Table. 

Drag Job Title from top of Pivot Table to the right of Full Acct Code to show date and name of teacher for which the substitute subbed for.

Note: Also utilize Absence History and Substitute Payroll History to view the above information.

NOTE:  The Substitute and Bus Driver Payroll History spreadsheet achieves the same results.  The Substitute spreadsheet eliminates the need to filter and retrieve Sub job title.

Absence History Spreadsheet has substitute information available. See procedures under Absence History Section.