Determining Salary amounts for particular object codes – comparing increases

From the settings tab, select Date Range.

Enter beginning and ending dates and Refresh.

Go to the Payroll History pivot table.

Filter on Fund 1

Filter on object codes needed

Click on the headers for Payline Gross and drag up and to the right until you see the red X and let go.

Also drag off the Net Pay, Hourly/Daily Rate, Total Hourly Pay, and Escrow columns. This should leave only the Net Gross Amount on the data portion of the pivot table.

Drag the Purpose and Purpose Desc columns up to the top portion of the pivot table.

Click on the Full Name in the top portion of the pivot table and drag to the right of the Object Desc on the pivot table – watch for the grey T to appear before letting go

Click on the Pay Period Beginning Date on the top part of the pivot table and drag ON TOP OF the NET GROSS heading and let go.

This will provide you with a list that shows side by side the monthly amounts for employees in the desired object codes.