Printing Details from the Budget Spreadsheet

Printing Details from the Details Tab

Click on the Details tab at the bottom of the Budget Spreadsheet. This displays all the details for all Budget codes.


Filter on information needed.  (i.e  Name, Fund, PRC, etc.)



Click on the Print button in spreadsheet




Click on the Print Icon on the menu bar.



Details will print for items filtered.


Printing Details from the Details Button


Place cursor within budget code area of your choice, click on the Details button, details and history for selected budget code display. 


Print Button displays instructions for printing details from this view.


Highlight the details that you wish to print.

On the File menu, click Print.






Under Print what, click Selection to print only the details that you have highlighted.




Note: If you do not highlight the details, and click print selection, ALL details for the spreadsheet will print.