Support Services Tab

There are 2 ways to access trips were students are away from school during lunch time.  The first is through the email that you will receive when a user requests a trip and has indicated the students will be away during lunch.  In the email that you receive, there will be a link listed.  When you click on the link, you can sign in and view the trip immediately.

The second way is to view the trip using the menus on the system.  From the Support Services Tab, you can see students that are away from school during lunch.  You have the option to change the location if you are the nutrition person at multiple locations.  The drop down list of locations will be a list of locations that you have access to.
You have the option to see all trips or you can view just the trips were you need to provide packed lunches or see all the trips where no packed lunches are required by clicking on the buttons next to Requesting Location.
You can also view all trips or just trips from this day forward. Trips from this day forward is the default.

From this view, you can see the date and time of the trip, the teacher’s name and the number of students.

If you need additional information about the trip, you can click on the trip to open the trip request by clicking on it.