Follow your request through the approval process 

Go to the “Main” tab

Select “Your Trip Requests” - You will probably be defaulted to this option on the left side of your screen

Check the status of your trip request by viewing the second column.  You will be able to see at any point who the request is waiting on for approval.  If the trip has been approved the status will show “Approved”.
If a vehicle has been assigned, you will see it in the vehicle assignment column.


You will see several options for sorting your requests. The option most used is "Pickup Date" so that is the one that will automatically be selected

To see all of your vehicle reservations, click on Your Assignments on the Main tab. You will see several options for sorting your reservations. If there is more than one vehicle assigned to a trip, you will see all vehicles listed.

If your district has elected to use the Trip Ticket, you can download and print a Trip Ticket from here.