Position Counts for Salaried Positions – Payroll Assignments Spreadsheet

Select “Type of Pay – S” on the Settings tab.
Using this setting will bring in all employees that are coded as Salaried. Note that this will also bring in supplemental and other pay associated with this person.
Click on Refresh to retrieve the information.
**Alternatively, use the Salaried Codes option on the Settings sheet. Note that you will need to review the codes listed in the payroll settings sheet before retrieving.
Click on the Payroll Pivot Table tab at the bottom of the sheet. 

Click on the Filter button for the Job Code and select CERT10, CERT11 and CERT12
Click on the Position Counts button at the top. This will give us a starting point for the format we want on the pivot table.
Click on the Job Code column heading in the pivot table. Click and drag it to the very left side of the pivot table. Watch for the grey “T” before releasing.

Notice the extra subtotal in the Program Column.
To remove this, right click on the Program Column heading and select Field Settings
Select None on the Subtotals.
Drag the Purpose and Purpose Descriptions off the table.
This will provide the position counts by FUND for each PRC.
How would you change the pivot table so that it was not divided by CERT10, CERT11 and CERT12 (so that the count for all three job codes was listed together?)
What if you needed a breakout by Gender?
What if I only wanted to see Location 308?
What if I need a breakdown for all locations?
Click on the Salary Comparison button