Note: This option only works if you have your routes already created and your riders marked.

If you are attempting to auto-assign students from the Students Tab, we recommend using the compounding filter to limit the number of students you are trying to auto-assign at once.

In this example, we will filter for riders at a particular school:

This means the system will only look at assigning student under these filters. In this case, only riders at Sunshine Elementary.

Now that your filter is set, go to operations. This will be the last option in your list of different types of filters towards the top of your screen:

Under Operations, choose the Auto Assign feature:

The Auto Assign window will show. It will list all the students that fit under the filters you applied. Click “Search Assignments” and the system will try to find the best bus assignments for these students.

Note: The system may not find assignments for all students. There are instructions below for how to review these.

Once you click “Search Assignments,” the system will show you all students it was able to find assignments for. There are two assignments for each student: an AM and a PM.

If you do not like any of the assignments, you can uncheck next to the student name for both AM and PM assignments.

Click “save Assignments” when you are satisfied.

After you click “Save Assignments,” the students it was not able to route will be listed. You cannot route them from this area. They need further review. Click “Back to list” to review them individually.

Now that you are back on the main students page, you should see your original filtered list that you used to auto-assign students. To look at the ones who were not assigned, you will keep this filter and add another parameter: Bus Schedules – Unrouted.

In conjunction with the original filter, this will show you the students the system was not able to auto-assign. You can now review these students individually to get them routed.