On your mobile device, go to your “Inventory Requests” grid on your dashboard and select “Begin Request”:



When prompted to “Begin Fulfilling Request, select “Yes”:



Select “View”:




To use the scan feature to pull your inventory select the “Scan Inventory” button in the upper right:




When prompted to allow access to your camera, select “Allow”:



Scan the barcode of the item that you are wanting to pull:



Please note that the quantity is defaulted to the quantity that was requested. If you need to change the quantity that you are pulling you can do achieve in three ways. By entering a numerical value, by using the up and down arrows provided, or using the buttons to the right of the “Quantity” box to increase the quantities. Then choose “Save”:




Now you can begin to complete your request, by selecting the “Complete Request” button on your Facility Tracker Dashboard:




You will be prompted to enter the amount of time that you have spent working this “Inventory Request”. You can choose to manually enter a value or use the up and down arrows provided to increase and decrease the hours and minutes you have spent work on this project:



After you have entered the correct amount of time, simply choose the “Save” button and the “Inventory Request” will fall off from your dashboard and file away into the “Inventory Requests History”:




Click here for the "How To" Video