Inventory can now be linked to Equipment so that you can view inventory items that are needed in order to service a piece equipment that needs maintenance completed.:



To use this feature first go to “Inventory Groups” located under “Inventory’ under “Advanced” settings.:


Then choose “Add Inventory Group”.:




 Provide a mandatory “Name” and optional “Description” in the box that appears.:



On the next screen expand the “Inventory Items Grid” by selecting the plus + symbol to the right of the grid title.:



Once this grid is expanded, then choose “Add Inventory Item”.:





 On the next screen that appears you will first select “Item Type” then the “Inventory Item”. Adjusting the quantity at this point is optional. You will adjust this quantity if you choose to make an “Inventory Request” at the time of creating your “Inventory Group”.:



If you are done then choose “Save” if you would like to add more inventory to your group then choose “Save and Add More”





 If you would like to do an “Inventory Request” in order to send these inventory items to a location to be held at for future services, you can choose the “Create Inventory Request” from the upper right hand corner of this page.:



Once you choose the “Create Inventory Request” button, you will then be able to make a standard
 “Inventory Request” that will allow your warehouse to get this inventory to the requested destination location.:


 To link “Equipment” to this “Inventory Group”, expand the “Equipment” grid by selecting the plus + symbol to the right of grid title.:



Once this grid is expanded, then choose “Add Equipment”.:



Once the following box appears then starting typing the name of the equipment in the “Select Equipment” space and a dropdown box will appear, simply click on the equipment that you would like to add to this inventory group. Select the “Save” button for your equipment to be added to this
 Inventory Group”. Once you select the “Save” button, you will be able to repeat this process as many times as needed in order to add additional equipment.:






Choosing the “Save” button in the lower right hand portion of this page will be the last step to creating your “Inventory Group” and making sure it is displayed under your equipment item.:



You will then be able to view any inventory linked to your equipment by going to “Equipment” and selecting “View Details”.:



The equipment details page will appear, and you can see your inventory items by going to “Inventory Groups” and selecting the + sign to the left of your inventory group name. This will expand all the inventory listed for this piece of equipment.:



Click here for the how to video