New Features and Updates: Work Order Management

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New Features

  • New setting added to warn you when your equipment warranty period is getting ready to expire. Within "Equipment" you will see the equipment name and Warranty Exp - Parts date highlighted in red. Another place you will see the warning is when you add a piece of equipment to a work order!¬†
  • We now send an email notification to the Work Order requester when the new work order request has been received.
  • Any internal user that has been given the ability to perform the duties of a work order now has the ability to track/manage their time within a work order!

JULY 2019

New Features

  • When adding new items to "Inventory Items", you will notice 3 new additional fields (Item #, Aisle, and Bin) that will help you identify the item # and where the item is located. To learn more, HERE¬†is an article that will assist you with adding and managing your inventory!