Each district has an unique link to purchase their specific course(s). Most districts will provide this link on their website or some districts will provided you with an email with the specific link. Check with the HR department for the link to purchase the course if you can not locate the link on the district's website.

Once you have the link you will be directed to the purchasing guide which will provide you with detailed instructions on how to purchase the course and the catalog link for the district. There are about five steps you will need to go through in order to purchase the course. You must use a laptop or desktop computer with web browser Firefox or Chrome to complete the purchase of the course and to access the online training. 

Click on the link titled the "(district name) Catalog Courses Link". Before clicking the catalog link be sure that if the district provides  more than one course that you have reviewed the course information. Once you purchase the course there are no refunds.

After you have clicked the provided catalog link you can follow the steps below to complete the purchase. Below is a sample screenshot of a district's catalog link:

Step 1: Catalog

Step 2: Review Cart

If you already have an  existing account you will need to select "Login". Then proceed to enter your billing address and continue to Step 4.

Step 3: Account Information(New Users) Be sure to enter your email address as your username. If you do not use your email address as your username then you will have trouble getting logged in.

Step 4: Payment

Step 5: Review

Once the course purchase has been completed you can access your course by selecting "View Course".