Admins can give Admin(s) or Sub-Admin(s) Pre-Approval Permissions only! 

Admin(s) and/or Sub-Admin(s) can now be given pre-approval permissions for one or multiple event categories! That way, when an event is submitted for approval, based on the event categories selected within the event, the event will go to the Pre-Approver(s) first. Once the event is approved by one of the Pre-Approvers, it will go through the normal approval workflow, going out to all Sub-Admins (if applicable) and Admins for approval.

To get started, you must first enable the Pre-Approval process by going to Settings>Advanced>General>Optional Settings and selecting the following optional setting (see attached below). When selected, the submitted event will show as "Pending Pre-Approval”.

In addition, once an event has been approved by the Pre-Approver(s) and has gone through the normal workflow, sometimes changes can be made to the event by the owner of the event or Admin. If you'd like the changed event to go back through the Pre-Approval process, you should check the box shown below to activate this option. 

Next, you must also give user permissions to an Admin(s) and/or Sub-Admin(s) in Settings>Basic>Users to be a Pre-Approver (see below), then SAVE!