Only Admins can add and manage configurations.

You can now:

  • Add configurations and attach one or multiple images to them
  • Select one or multiple items that you want to associate the configuration with. No more having to repeat the same configuration for each schedulable item!
  • Add max capacity to configuration based on the space it is associated with
  • Select a default configuration for any item that will automatically be displayed on the Setup tab within the event and associated to item
  • Expand the configuration to see all of the items associated with it
  • Search for any configuration
  • Easily edit or delete the configurations
  • Associate multiple configurations to an item at one time at the item level
  • Run the “New Event Setup Report” and see the default configuration thumbnail image if attached to an item (all users)

To manage configurations, click “Configurations” under the Basic menu:

Here, you can add a NEW configuration by clicking the blue "Create New Configuration" button, as shown below. If you've already added configurations to your items, you will see a list of all your current configurations across your entire organization. You can expand any Item Type to view all of the configurations and items that are associated with it.  

If you want to edit the configuration name or associate more items or images to it, just click the green edit button as shown above.

To associate more items to the configuration, click edit and select the additional items of your choice.

To add images to a configuration, click on edit and then “Select files” from your computer, under “Attachments”, as shown below. 

NOTE: You can add more than one image; however, you must select a default thumbnail so the system can show a default image.


We also updated the edit item screen to make it easier to add multiple allowable configurations to an item. To get started, go to Settings>Basic>Item (Spaces, Resources, or Services), select the item that you want to add configurations to and click on “Edit”. Scroll down the page and click on “Allowed Configurations” to expand.

Next, click “Add Configurations” where you can select multiple configurations at one time and SAVE. 

You can make any configuration the default for the item, by clicking the blue "Set Default" button (see Allowed Configurations below) and Save. This default, will pre-populate on the Setup tab of event. You also have the option to add the "Max Capacity" for the configuration based on the Space it is associated to. 


Now when setting up an event, any user can go to the Setup tab, click the green edit button next to the item and select a “Configuration”, allowing you to easily see all the associated configurations (along with the default thumbnail) to select from and SAVE.

The configuration now shows with the image in the setup tab. 

Click on the image to enlarge and view.

Event Setup Report (new)

The configuration thumbnail image is now included in the report!