When setting up a Resource or Service you can "restrict" to certain Space(s).  To do this, simply go to SPACE RESTRICTIONS under any Resource or Service.

Click "Space Restrictions"

For example, let's restrict the Grill to only be used in the Picnic Area: 

When a Resource/Service has been restricted, you will see this when viewing the Items: 

When an item has been restricted, Event Requestors will NOT be allowed to select the item unless the allowed Space has also been selected.  Also on the setup screen, the user will only be able to setup "restricted" items in the Spaces they have been restricted to.

For example, in the below event, I do not have the PICNIC Area selected, so my users would see this:

If the user would click on the "red" unavailable icon, they would get this warning: 

Once the user selects in this example, the Picnic Area, the Resource would then become available to choose. 


NOTE: This feature also works on the Event Quick Create and Event Request Forms. 

  • This feature doesn't apply to admins.  Any admin will still be able to add a restricted item to any Space.