As an Admin, you can add a new user, giving them access to view the internal calendar only. The user will be able to hover over the events and see additional event information; however, there is no hyperlink to the event itself. Therefore, they cannot make any changes to the event.

To add a new view only user, go to Settings > Basic > Users> Add New User > Enter User's Name, Email, and then under the Event Scheduler Permissions, check the box under "Calendar View Access Only", then select location(s) permissions, and SAVE. 

Once you check the box below, the other 2 options (Has access to the Event Scheduler and Sub-Admin), will be hidden (see below).

If this option is checked, the user will be able to login and VIEW all the calendars (and schedulers) only.

Any ability to “create” an event has been removed, and all left-hand navigation has been removed.

NOTE: If you do NOT see the option, please un-check "Has Access to the Event Scheduler".

They do have the ability to get to their “Account” by clicking the “My Profile” link at the top: