Admins, if you have multiple locations and would like to show event conflicts across locations, you can get started by taking the following steps:

Step #1: Go to Settings>Advanced>General>Optional Settings, select the following and SAVE.

Step #2: Go to Settings>Basic>Locations and select the edit button to the right of your first desired location. A new window will open and you can go to "Check Conflicts Against Following Locations" to choose the locations that you want to check conflicts against and SAVE. Then repeat the process with the second location and any other desired locations. 


Within the details tab, you will now see location conflicts when adding an event! When you select a location that conflicts with another location, you will see the following warning.

When you click on the warning, a new window will open that shows the location conflicts and event occurrences (see attached below). 

The location conflict also shows on the Availability tab, as shown below. This also is displayed on the Summary tab. 

NOTE: Admins can override all location conflicts.


If you are using the event request forms (Settings>Advanced>Event Request Forms), you can elect to check location conflicts by selecting the following optional setting within the form settings and SAVE.