A Location is used to separate Events across physical locations. At least ONE location is required to enter Events IF locations are not disabled. If you want to disable locations, check the following box and SAVE. 

To Add/Edit new locations for your organization, click the Locations menu option (see below). 

To add a new location, simply click the blue "Add New Location", button. 

A new window will open where you will add the "Location Name", "Loc Code" (desired abbreviation) and then SAVE. 

To edit a current location, simply click on the green edit button to the right of the location, make your changes and then SAVE! 

Clicking on "Locations" allows you to see all your locations across your organization. 

NOTE: The Loc-Code will be used to show the locations on the Calendar and Dashboard.

Setting up Location Conflicts - 
If you have multiple locations for your organization and would like to show event conflicts across locations, go HERE. For example, let's say you have a women's event on a Saturday morning at the main campus; however, you have another women's event at the east campus during the same date and time. You may want to show location conflicts here so that an attendee doesn't have to choose between the two events that are scheduled.

Adding/Editing Location Permissions for Users

  1. Go to SETTINGS>BASIC>USERS, and click the green EDIT  button to the right of the person's name. Now at the bottom of each user’s info you will see a "Location Permissions" section. Simply click on this to expand.
  2. Assign the location(s) permissions for the user here and SAVE.

Assigning Locations to items... SPACES/RESOURCES/SERVICES:

Now that you have locations assigned, you can assign all of your items (Spaces/Resources/Services) to their respective location. You can do this when adding a new item or by editing the item and then selecting the desired location.

NOTE: When you assign a location to an item, it can only be viewed and reserved by users that have user permissions for that location. If you do not assign a location to an item and you have multiple locations, the item can be viewed and reserved by all users for all locations (shared item among all locations). 

Once assigned you will see the new LOC CODE prefix the actual name of the Space/Resource/Service on the treeviews. 

Assigning Locations for Specific Events 

Now when adding events – a user will be able to setup an event only for the locations he/she is assigned to. 

Internal Calendar

Now, when a user is on the calendar -- only the events for the location(s) that the user has permissions to see will be visible. Also, each event name will be prefaced by the Location Code for easily identification. 

You can Filter Your Calendar by Assigned Location(s)

Item Scheduler (Spaces, Resources, Services) 

The Item Scheduler > Spaces (including Resources and Services) now groups/shows items by Location such as Spaces shown below. 


Other Location Improvements

The following areas of the system have also been improved by adding the ability to filter by Location.

  • Exporting Events
  • Find a Space
  • Reports
  • Generating a Public Calendar by Location

This tool is a tremendous asset to any organization as they manage their events across multiple locations.