How to Add an Event Category:


Event Categories are used to differentiate departments, etc., and can be color-coded so that you can easily identify them on your Internal Calendar. Event Categories are also reportable and can be required when creating an event (examples may include: Athletic Away Games, Athletic Homes Game, Sports Practices, Clubs, Community Events, etc…).


To create an Event Category, go to “Settings”,” Advanced”, “Event Categories”.:



Enter the name of your Event Category.:



You can add a background color so this Event Category will reference this color on your “Internal Calendar”. Once you click on the “Category Color” box a color grid will appear. Select the color that is desired and then press “Select”.:




If you would like for the Event Category to display on your “Public Calendar”, check the “Public” box.:




Then choose “Save”.:



Now you will be able to filter by this Event Category on your “Internal Calendar”.:



If you chose the public feature, you would now have the option of selecting this Event Category for the public to be able to use as a filter when looking for specific events.:

*Please note, events listed on the “Public Calendar “will always have a blue background. The background color for this Event Category will not reflect on the “Public Calendar”.:




Click here for the "How To" Video