Admins can set up Approval Areas of Spaces, Resources, and Services to establish partial administrative privileges.

NOTE: This is an optional feature used only if you intend on having Sub-Administrators. Sub-Admins can only approve or decline their assigned Approval Areas. They cannot make changes to events unless they are the creator or editor.

Go to Settings>Advanced>Approval Areas and Select "Add New Approval Area" (see below).

  • Add an Approval Area name for which you want a Sub-Admin to approve, then start typing the Sub-Admin that you gave permission rights to (Settings>Basic>Users). Once you start typing the Sub-Admin’s name, it should appear in a drop-down. Next, choose “Save and Add Spaces” and add all items (Spaces, Resources, Services) that you want to be associated with the Approval Area.

  • Continue to add Areas, as needed and repeat the process above.

  • You can delete an Approval Area by clicking the red delete button associated with the Approval Area, and process accordingly.

  • Edits can also be made to Approval Areas by clicking the green button associated with the Approval Area.

NOTE: When an event is created and submitted for approval with item(s) requiring approval from a Sub-Admin, an email notification will automatically be generated to the assigned Sub-Admin(s) requesting approval.

The Sub-Admin, will also see the event requests with items requiring approval on their "Requires Administrative Approval" grid where they can Approve or Decline at the item level.