1. Now you can have your events show up on a different public calendar than the Event Location.

Example: You have an event for your Elementary School meeting in your High School Gym. Two different locations. Normally in this example, the event would show up on the High School calendar. This is not ideal because this is an Elementary School event, just meeting offsite at the High School.

Now you can correct this scenario!

When creating or editing an event, when you mark an Event as "public", you will now see a second list of Locations that can be used to override the public calendar:

What this will do, is allow you to still show the event at one location on your INTERNAL calendar so you can still see the space locked up, but publicly show the event on another.

2. Ability to override the Location/Spaces on the Public Calendar.

When you look at the details of an event on the public calendar, it will list out "every" space that you have booked for that event. However sometimes this is not ideal because you may have your entire facility booked and don't want every SPACE listed on the details popup on the calendar. We have fixed that! Now you can override the Location / Space(s) on the public calendar by just entering an override name when selecting your space(s) for your event.

NOTE: Make sure you click the "SAVE" button after entering the override SPACE.

So now when someone views this on the public calendar, they will see the override name instead of each of the selected SPACE(s).

3. Exporting Events has been modified to be able to export by Public Location

Since we now have the ability to override the public location, we have added a "Public Location" dropdown when Exporting Events.

This allows you to subscribe or export a calendar based on the public location in lieu of the Event location.