We have a couple of new restrictions you can set around "Number of People" for your events.

For both internal and public Event Requests, you can make "# of People" a required field.  Admins can turn this setting on by going to Settings>Advanced>General>Optional Settings, then select "Require # of People when Creating an Eventas shown below and then SAVE.     

This setting can also be selected within the Event Request form setup by going to Settings>Advanced>Event Request Forms, then within the form setup, select "Require # of People" and SAVE. 


At the SPACE level, you can set a "minimum" number of people required in order to reserve the space.  You can set it by editing any desired SPACE by going to Settings>Basic>Spaces, choose the blue edit button, go to the following setting, enter your "Minimum # of People Required to Reserve Space" as shown below and SAVE.  

By setting this value, your users will no longer be able to reserve the SPACE unless they meet the minimum # of people that is set.  This really helps you avoid having the bigger rooms booked for smaller events.  

NOTE: If a SPACE is unavailable due to this restriction the user will see an unavailable notice with a # of People violation reason.