Admins can create and customize forms that must be completed during the event creation process by the owner of the event.


Go to Settings>Advanced>Form Builder
> Add name of the form and click Save 

> Now you can start adding questions, information, etc. by selecting the  "Field Type" (See descriptions below).

Field Types:

 - Enter your question here (Field Label) and there will a text box area below to allow a user to provide an answer.
TextArea - Enter your question here (Field Label) and there will be a text-area below. This allows the person filling in the information to enter multiple lines of information, rather than a single line (ex: comments, address information, etc.).
DropDown - Enter your question here (Field Label) and give the user the option to choose their response from the drop-down options that you offered them.
Checkbox w/Options - Enter your question here (Field Label) and give the user the option to choose their response(s) that you offered them by selecting the appropriate checkbox(es).
Checkbox - Yes/No - Enter your question here (Field Label), giving the user the option to select the checkbox, if appropriate.
Note - Add a note, instructions, etc. here (Field Label) that does not require a response.
Link - Add a comment or question (Field Name), add the Link Text, and then add the Link URL.

> Select after each "Question Text", select either yes or no from the drop-down if you want the answer to be required.

> Complete the other portions of the Form based on the Question Type, when applicable.

> Click Add Question to save the question to the form. If you need to edit your question, simply click on the question, make your changes, and SAVE.

> Click Preview Form to see the form being created.

> Continue, as needed.

> Click Back to Forms to return to your list of forms.

> From the Forms page, you can delete (red button), change the name of the form (green button) or edit (blue button).  When in the Edit mode, you can also adjust the sequence of the questions on the form by clicking the appropriate ↑↓ arrows next to each question.

Attach a Form to a Space, Resource or Service
You can easily attach a form to any item and make it required to complete, during the event creation process doing the following steps:

  • Go to Settings>Basic
  • Select Space, Resource or Service
  • Click on a specific item which now highlights the item
  • Click Edit, located on the bottom right of your screen
  • Scroll down to "Required Form" and select the form that you want to associate it with from the drop-down menu (see example below), then SAVE.

When an event is created and that item (Space, Resource, Service) is selected within the event creation process, the form will show on the Setup tab with a red exclamation point (!) next to it, indicating it needs to be completed. Once the form has been completed, a green check mark and print icon (see below) will appear next to the form and the user can print the form and/or continue through the event creation process and Submit the event. If the form is incomplete, the user is unable to submit the event for approval.  

The required and completed form can later be viewed on the Setup tab or Summary page of the event. You can also view the completed form by running the "Event Setup" report by going to Reports>Event Setup. When running the report, just be sure to check the appropriate box, shown below, on the Output Options. 

EDITING A FORM: If you delete a question from a form within Settings>Advanced>Form Builder, it will not remove the question or answer from a form that has already been completed within an event. However, if you add any new questions to the form, those questions will be added to the form.