Here are some additional optional settings that you may want to review and consider for your organization. They are as follows (Settings>Advanced>General>Optional Settings): 

  • Require a Category when Creating an Event - When this box is checked, all users will be required to select a category when they create an event.
  • Default Is Public to True when Creating an Event - Select if you want all of your approved events to be marked public and show on your public calendar.
  • Require Approval of Off-Site Events - Select if you want to require an Admin(s) to approve any off-site events.
  • Include Space Information on Calendar - Select if you want the space information to be displayed on the internal calendar, other than having to hover over the event to view the space.

  • Include Event Requests On Internal Calendars - Select if you want all of your public event requests to show on the internal calendar highlighted in BLUE. If selected, the public event requests will be included in the internal calendar filter.

  • Send Delete Notifications to Sub-Admins - When checked, automated email notifications will be sent to all sub-administrators when an event that effects their area of approval is deleted.
  • Send All Modifications Emails to Sub-Admins - Select this box if you want an email to go to the sub-admins with any modifications to an event that they are tied to, even if their items are already approved.
  • Disable Conflict Checking for Resources - When checked, resources will not show conflicts when added during the event creation process.
  • Disable Conflict Checking for Services - When checked, resources will not show conflicts when added during the event creation process.
  • Disable Event Notifications - When checked, you will no longer see highlighted event notification pop-ups that show on the top of your dashboard to show when an event has been added, etc.
  • Allow Non-Admin Users to set the Event Owner to another User - When checked, all non-Admin users can make changes to the event owner.
  • Show Canceled Event Occurrences on the Internal Calendar - Select this box if you want your canceled event occurrences to be displayed on your internal calendar.

  • Send Event Approved emails to Contact(s) - This box must be checked if you want an email to be sent to the associated contact for the event when the event has been approved.
  • Enable Event Registration Feature - This box must be checked, if you want to enable the event registration feature.

  • Allow Users to leave Work Order Comments - If bundled user (Event Scheduler and Work Order Management modules), you can allow users to leave comments when they add a work order from the Event Scheduling module. 
  • Don't send conversation emails to Comments - Check this box if you do not want emailed conversations to be included in conversation comments.
  • Warn users when reserving Parent Items if they wish to reserve all child items?

This is a great setting to check so that when users select a parent space, they understand they are reserving all child items below. Otherwise, select the desired child item below the parent. 

  • Allow Work Orders to be created from Events
    If you are a bundled user, using the Event Scheduler and Work Order Management, this setting allows users to add a work order within the event creation process.
  • Use Condensed Navigation Mode
    When selecting this option, it condenses your sidebar options, giving it a sleeker look and feel.
  • A recurring event must be re-submitted if an occurrence is deleted/canceled
    If you'd like an event to be re-submitted for approval if any occurrence is deleted or canceled, select this option.
  • Require at least one event contact
    When adding an event and selecting this option (see attached), this requires the requester to add at least one contact to the event.

  • Require Begin Setup Date/Time
    When this is selected, all users will be required to add a Setup Date/Time for their event.
  • Require End Teardown Date/Time
    All users will be required to add an End Teardown Date/Time when this is selected.
  • Begin Setup Buffer (minutes)
    Here, you can add a preset-buffer based on the event start time. This works well if you want to default the setup time to specific minutes prior to the event start time.
  • End Teardown Buffer (minutes)
    You can also add a preset-buffer based on event end time. This works well if you want to default the tear-down time to specific minutes after the event end time.
  • Include Quick Reservations On Internal Calendars
    You can add an event quickly by selecting "Quick Event Create" and it will be included on your internal calendar when you select this setting.
  • Check Conflicts at the Location Level?
    If you have multiple locations for your organization and would like to show event conflicts across locations, let's say you have a women's event on a Saturday morning at the main campus; however, you have another women's event at the east campus during the same date and time. You may want to show location conflicts here so that an attendee doesn't have to choose between the two events that are scheduled.