NOTE: This is an optional feature and should only be selected if you want an extra layer of approval. Admins and/or Sub-Admins can be pre-approvers. First go to Settings>Advanced>General, then Optional Settings and check the box as shown below. 

Then, go to Settings>Basic>Users to give an Admin(s) and/or Sub-Admin(s) permissions to be a pre-approver and SAVE.

If you have selected the Pre-Approval process, the workflow will be as follows:

1. When an Event is created and submitted for approval, it will then show under the "Pending Approval" grid on the event owner's dashboard with an "Awaiting Pre-Approval" badge, highlighted in blue to the right of the event name. 

2. As an Admin or Sub-Admin with Pre-Approval rights, you will see the "Pending Pre-Approval" grid on your dashboard with all events that have been submitted for approval. 

3. From this point, you can either Approve or Decline the Event. If you approve the event, it will appear on the Pre-Approver's dashboard for approval. 

NOTE:  Even if the event is originally created by an Admin, it will need to be approved at this phase of the process.  This is slightly different than the typical workflow.

4. Once approved by a Pre-Approver, the standard workflow will be engaged and function as normal. If the event is declined, the reason for the decline will be sent to the event owner and go to their Declined folder.