Now, all Admins have the ability to add tasks to a “Task Library”. To access your library, go to “Settings->Advanced->Task Library”, located on the left sidebar of your dashboard.

Click “Add New Task” to add a new task to your “Task Library”.

Please enter the following info:

  • Description: This describes the task.
  • Service Categories: If you only want this task to show up for certain Service Categories, click within the box and select from the dropdown, the desired service categories that you want to associate the task with.
  • Select any “Group(s)” you want to associate this task with. A task group is a “group” of related tasks that can be assigned together. 

NOTE: You can also edit or delete any task from the Task Library.

Adding a Task from your Task Library to a Work Order

Now, once a new Work Order is submitted and/or assigned, you and other internal users that are associated with the work order may add one or multiple tasks from the Task Library to a work order!

Just pick any tasks that you want to add and click “Add to Work Order”.


Creating a Task GROUP is useful if you want to “group” multiple tasks together on a Work Order or a Preventive Maintenance Schedule. To create a new “Task Group”, click “Settings->Advanced->Task Groups”.

To add a new “Task Group”, click “Add New Task Group” button.

  • Name your new group
  • Check the tasks you wish to add to the group and SAVE.


To add a task group to a work order, click the “Add Task from Library” button within the work order.

Then choose the “Task Library Groups” tab.

Next, choose the group by clicking the “Add to Work Order” button for any group.

NOTE: You can also choose to add individual tasks from a group.

Next, pick and choose which tasks from the group you want to assign, then add:

  • A due date.
  • Assign the user responsible for the tasks. Leave blank to assign them to yourself.


If you wish to “ASSIGN” a task, you can do so by clicking inside the box and choosing an internal user:

A user will receive an email notification if they are assigned a task.

They will also see a list of assigned tasks on their dashboard under their “My Assigned Tasks” grid. Once they have completed the task, they can mark it complete.