All Admins within Work Order Management have complete access and can manage inventory. However, if an Admin gives a Sub-Admin permission rights to manage inventory, they will also see the Settings>Advanced>Inventory tab on their dashboard.

To add and manage your Inventory,  go to Settings>Advanced>Inventory and start with clicking on "Inventory Item Types" (see below).

Click on "Add New Inventory Type", then fill out what type you want (ex: Toilet parts) and choose one or more service categories you want to link it to and SAVE.

Next, go back to Settings>Advanced>Inventory and click on "Inventory Items". Click on "Add a New Item", fill out the information, and SAVE.

As you add your inventory, you will see them listed within your "Inventory Items" grid. 

If you would like to keep track of what you currently have in inventory, you can click on Settings>Advanced>Inventory, click on "Current Inventory" (see #1 below), then click on "Inventory Adjustment" (see #2 below) to receive or deplete your inventory items.



Once you've added your inventory and inventory adjustments, you will see a list of your current in-stock inventory that includes Item Name, Item #, Inventory Item Type, Location, Aisle, Bin, Quantity on Hand, Unit Cost, On-Hand Value and and the Reorder Threshold (see below). 

To make adjustments (receive or deplete), simply click on the green edit button to the right of the inventory item, make the adjustments and SAVE.