By adding SPACES, you can identify where a piece of equipment is located by location and space. This is very helpful if you have multiple pieces of the same equipment types (toilets, sinks, etc.) housed in different locations and spaces. 

NOTE: If you signed up for the Event Scheduler, prior to signing up for Work Order Management, your spaces will be pre-populated for you.

To add a new space, go to Settings>Basic>Spaces...

and SELECT, 

Then, complete the following form and SAVE.

NOTE: Once you add the new space, it will also be displayed on the Event Scheduler side if you are a bundled client; however, the space cannot be scheduled unless an Admin edits the space within Settings>Basic>Spaces, allowing it to be scheduled. You may not want users to have access to schedule this space, especially if it is a closet with equipment in it or a bathroom (see below).

When adding spaces, you can start building a “hierarchical tree”.  For example "Building A" and then add “children” (sub-spaces) to the hierarchical tree, such as the floors, or rooms in that building. When referring to a hierarchical tree, a “parent” is considered the top node and the “child” is the item under/within the “parent”. All this can be done by simply creating the space, then drag and drop accordingly.