You now have the ability to expose a public work order request form and have users be able to submit a request without having to create them as as user.

To set up your new request form, click here under settings. 
Note: Settings is only available for Admins.

Next you can set up your new form by selecting your desired settings. Once you have done this, be sure to select SAVE!

  • Notice we even have an embed code if you want to embed the new Work Order Request form into your own web site!

The link to your new public form is listed above. Once your settings are setup, you can link people to the new form.

We also added the ability for users to see the status of their work orders by clicking in the top right:

On the dashboard grids, there is a new icon to show which Work Orders were submitted using the public form:

NOTE: All emails will still go out to the requester letting them know when a Work Order has been approved and closed.