External Vendors are people/organizations that are outside of your organization that you assign to perform the duties of work orders (ex: Trane, Oracle, etc.). 

NOTE: Only Admins can add or delete external vendors and primary contacts. However, other users who have access to the Work Order Management dashboard are able to view all external vendors and primary contacts.

To View ONLY
Click on External Vendors, located on the left sidebar of your dashboard. To view the primary contact and/or other contacts, click on the blue "External Vendor Contacts" button.

Adding External Vendors

  • To get started with adding external vendors, go to Settings>Basic>External Vendors.
  • Within Work Order Management, you have the ability to search external vendors within the system. Click on "Add/Search External Vendors" (as shown below).
  • Next, type in company name, choose state abbreviation, and click "Search".
  • If nothing comes up, click "Add External Vendor", enter the organization's name, physical address, assign the Service Categories and SAVE.
  • You can also add a Primary Contact with their contact information (phone / email), once you've finished adding the organization's name.
  • NOTE: Once you add an External Vendor contact with email, they will receive an automated email, that you can view and edit, notifying them that they have been added as an External Vendor for your organization. This email includes instructions on how to access their account and address any future work orders that are assigned to them (see attached below). However, if you choose not to add the contact's email, they will not have access to the Vendor Portal. 

What does the external vendor see when he logs in?
If a work order has been assigned to an external vendor contact, this is what they see. The new work order shows under "My New Work Orders" and can be viewed. 

When viewed, the external vendor contact can change the status of the work order to accepted, completed or rejected. They can view any tasks assigned, and add comments.  If another external vendor contact has been added for the company, the external vendor contact can transfer the work order to another external vendor contact within their company, if needed.