From the Volunteers tab, emails can be sent to multiple Volunteers based on the criteria selected in the filtering/search area.  This can be done from either the “Approved Volunteers” or “All Volunteers” options.   Normally Coordinators will want to work from the Approved Volunteers tab, particularly when sending emails to volunteers.
To Send emails, use the filter and search capability for either the “Approved Volunteers” or “All Volunteer” menu options.  You will first want to filter to the list of Volunteers that you want to send an email to.

For example, if you want to filter for “Approved Volunteers” that are at a specific location and interested in Band Boosters, you would want to first filter on those options to narrow down the list of Volunteers.
             The number of Volunteers selected based on the criteria
To email all the volunteers that have been selected through the filter / search options, click on the Email Filtered List.  This will provide an email pop-up to fill in for your specific email message.

Fill in the subject and type your message and click the “Send Now” button.

Note: There is a counter to indicate the number of Volunteers you are sending the email to.