It is very easy for you to print a list of trips for the day or week.  This can be done one of two ways:

The first way is by going to the Calendar - Vehicle Calendar

Hoover over the date you want and you will see the hand symbol.  Click on that date.

This brings up your filter box where you can view the buses assigned for that specific day or you could select a specific date range to view. This entire screen may be printed and/or you may also print your trip tickets from here.  You also have the option to expand the date range to cover for example the whole week and print trip tickets for the entire week.

This is the "Standard With Costing" view where you can print individual trip tickets if you want to :

This is the "Basic" view :

Second way to get this same list is to go to your Vehicle Owners tab:

You then have the exact same view to be able to print your trip tickets.