This step is followed right after creating a single Opportunity or can be done on any existing opportunity.

Follow the steps on "How do I create an Opportunity" and then click the "Send Invitation to invite Volunteers" button.

For an existing opportunity, go to the Opportunities tab, locate the opportunity in the list and click to open the opportunity.  Click on the "Send email to invite volunteers" button.

You will see the “Send Invitation Email” window after click on the "Send Invitation to Invite Volunteers" button located at the bottom of the Opportunity.

Who do I send the email to?
You have the option to send the email to all the Volunteers that have been approved for the class that you selected for the Opportunity or all Volunteers who selected the activity that you chose for the Opportunity. The number of selected Volunteer emails will show.  If you selected to send by the activity selected and there are not many Volunteers who selected this activity you can change to send the email based on the class.  If your Volunteer "levels" are incremental then Volunteers meeting at least the class selected will be emailed.

For example, if a level 1 is the lowest level and was selected on the Opportunity, then level 2 and 3 volunteers would also receive the email since they are approved at a higher level than Level 1.

Adding/Deleting Individual Emails:
When you select the group that you want to send the email to, a list of Volunteer names will appear in the box, “Selected Volunteer Emails”.
You can remove names from the list by selecting the name and then clicking on the X.  You can also add additional email addresses in the “Additional email addresses to send to” field. *Insert semicolons between addresses.
Email Message:
You can use the generic message, or you can make changes and add to the message.  When you are satisfied with the email, click “Send Now”.
Note:  The generic message and email will contain all of the pertinent information and links to the Opportunity for the volunteer.  You only need to change the content of the message if you have something specific to say about this Opportunity.
When Volunteers receive your email, they have the option of responding back to your email or logging into the Volunteer Tracker and indicating that they are interested in the Opportunity using the link provided in the email.