To sign up for an opportunity in the Volunteer Tracker you need to click on your "Opportunities" tab// click "Opportunities" on the left:

Once on the Opportunities tab you will see several different filters that you can choose from - if you volunteer at multiple schools you can narrow the search down by using the Location drop down box to select the school :

Make sure that you have selected "Needed" as the requirement so you will see the list of opportunities that volunteers are needed for:

You can also filter for other things in the Opportunity search if you know specific dates and the name of the activity that you are wanting to sign up for. After you have added all

of the info that you wish to filter for you must click the "Filter/Search Opportunities" button: 

If no opportunities show up for you, you may want to edit your search filters and then search again. Some schools enter opportunity info and some schools do not so this will make a difference in your search. 

If the list of opportunities show up for you, this is how you will sign up for it - first click on the name of the opportunity (this example is the Book Fair) :

Now that you have clicked to open the opportunity you will see a new page with all of the opportunity information - remember, this is just an example so your school's opportunity will have different information listed :

Notice the blue button that says "Sign Me Up" - that is what you need to click on to sign up for this particular opportunity. Once you click to sign up you will then see a new screen that shows you that you have now been signed up. You can click the blue Edit button to make any comments or changes - that screen looks like this :