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How Do I Create an Opportunity

Creating a Single One-Time Opportunity

Note:  If you need to create multiple Opportunities that are similar but on different dates – for example if you need office assistants several days a week – use the Opportunity Template to create the basic information one time and then create the multiple Opportunities from the Template.  To create a single, one-time Opportunity, continue with the instructions below.
1) From the Opportunities menu option on the Opportunities tab, click on the “New Opportunity Entry” button.  Use the “New Opportunity Entry” button to define a unique one-time only Opportunity.
2) Click on the Select Image button for your Opportunity and then fill out all the Opportunity details. *This is a required field.
Scroll down to view the available images.  Click on the “Select this Image” button to include the image in your Opportunity.

Note: Your Volunteer Tracker Administrator can add new, custom images if needed.

3) Provide a Beginning Date, Ending Date, Start and End Time by clicking on the calendar and clock to the right of the box.  The ending date will automatically default to the beginning date but can be changed.  The ending time will default to two hours after the start time but can be changed.
If it is not date specific, select NO and please provide details.

Note: MOST Opportunities should have dates associated with them so that Volunteers can sign up on specific dates.

4) Provide additional details such as the location by using the drop-down arrow to the right of the box. Then type a Room/Building.

5) Select a “Volunteer Class Type”. You may only select ONE class type. This will ensure that only Volunteers with the appropriate approval level may sign up.  If your levels are incremental, then select the minimum class / level needed for this Opportunity.

6) Select the “Activity Areas” that will be used for this event.

Note: Each class type has different activities. You may need to choose a different “Volunteer Class Type” if you do not see your wanted activity.
If a Volunteer is not approved for the minimum “Class Type” you have set, they will not be able to sign up for the opportunity and will see the message indicated here.
7) If you selected more than one activity, select the one primary activity that will be used for the log entries that are created from this Opportunity.  *This is a required field.  

Note: The activities in this list will be the ones that you selected above.
If you want to enter a detailed description about the event, you can enter it here.
8) If you wish to attach a file, such as a PDF file, to this Opportunity, click on “Choose File”. A windows explorer window will open.

9) Choose the file that you wish to attach.  Roll your mouse over the informational “i” to see the files types that are supported.  Note that Word files must be saved as a .DOC (not a .docx) before being attached.  It is suggested that you use PDF files or JPG files to attach.
10) The “Name of Person Coordinating” box will default to the Volunteer Coordinator who is creating the Opportunity, but can be changed if needed by selecting a different coordinator from the drop-down list.  If the Coordinator that you need to assign is not listed, click on the “Add New Opportunity Coordinator” button.

Note:  If you assign a different Coordinator to this Opportunity, the assigned Coordinator will receive an email to indicate that they have been assigned to coordinate this Opportunity.  

11) The phone number and email address are also defaulted to the selected Coordinator. The phone number can be manually entered and edited if needed.

12) Enter the number of Volunteers requested for this Opportunity.
13) Click the “Save Changes” button to immediately invite Volunteers to the Opportunity.

**It is important to go ahead and send email invitations to potential Volunteers!
14) Once you click “Save Changes”, you will now need to invite Volunteers to the Opportunity. This will email Volunteers an invitation to participate in this Opportunity.

15) Click “Send email to invite volunteers”.
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